We Welcome Any Radiologist

Membership of the association is open and welcome any radiologist of good moral character, holding a degree and or a diploma in radiology.


Types of Membership

Active Members

Active Members shall be Mauritian radiologists holding a degree and or diploma in radiology from institute recognised by Medical Council of Mauritius. Active members shall have the right to be elected as officer of the association, and the right to vote.

Associate Members

Associate Members shall be non Mauritian radiologists working in Mauritius for a period of at least one year. Associate members shall have the right to vote and they shall not be eligible to become an officer of the Association.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall be members or other persons who have made outstanding contribution to science of Radiology.


The active and associate members shall on admission pay an entrance fee of one thousand rupees and a yearly subscription of one thousand rupees payable by the end of January for the year in respect of which it is due.

Application for membership shall be made in writing and addressed to the Secretary.

The decision to accept or to reject any application for membership rests with the Managing Committee which shall not have to justify its decision regarding admission or rejection of membership.