Objectives of the Society




  • To promote the art and science of radiology and medical imaging, and to maintain the highest standard.
  • To provide a platform for radiologists to exchange professional knowledge and share experiences for the benefits of all. This is particularly important as our speciality is rapidly evolving.
  • Ideally, this forum will host continuing medical education programmes including bimonthly academic meetings, and provide our members information about radiological developments worldwide.
  • To encourage and promote co-operation and friendship between radiologists.
  • To publish papers, journal and other materials in furtherance of the objectives of the association.
  • To provide a platform to invite overseas radiologists to share their experiences with us, and to interact with radiological societies abroad.
  • To provide an opportunity for radiologists to form a consensus and defend our profession.

We Investigate Imaging

Tracing the Radiology Journey in Mauritius: From Its Origins to Present Day

The history of Radiology in Mauritius is a testament to the evolution of medical technology on the island. It all began in 1922 with the introduction of an X-Ray machine in the private sector, marking a significant milestone in the country's healthcare landscape. Dr. Jules Maurice CURE, a pioneering figure in Mauritian medicine, played a pivotal role in this development by being the first to utilize the X-Ray machine for medical purposes.
Since then, Radiology in Mauritius has continued to progress, embracing advancements in technology and techniques to better serve the healthcare needs of the population. From its humble beginnings to its current state, Radiology remains an indispensable aspect of medical diagnosis and treatment in Mauritius, contributing to the overall well-being of its people.